Discover How To Dominate Yahoo Answers

by Mike on July 12, 2009
in Web Traffic

In my last post I mentioned that I was working on a new report that would be the ultimate guide to using Yahoo Answers to generate boatloads of traffic to your websites and blogs.

Well earlier today I finally launched it!

Answers Domination will take you by the hand and teach you everything you need to know to tap into the huge traffic potential of Yahoo Answers!

Here’s just a small sampling of what you’ll learn…

How to link to your site without getting flagged for spam
How much traffic you can expect to generate with Yahoo Answers
An easy way to find the most relevant questions to answer
How to get notified as soon as a targeted question is asked
Advanced methods for monetizing your Yahoo Answers traffic
How to earn the coveted Best Answer
What to do to get a suspended account reinstated

Even if you’ve tried to use YA in the past and failed miserably, I promise [...] Continue Reading…

Yes, I’m Still Here

by Mike on July 7, 2009
in Personal

I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t touched this blog in nearly a month. 

Since my wife and I are expecting again we’ve decided we need a bigger house to hold our little family.  I’ve been doing a lot of painting and other projects to get the house ready for sale and its taken up a lot of my free time!

Since I don’t make a ton of money from this blog it was the first casualty when time was tight.  Instead of posting here I’ve been working on my more profitable niche sites and I’m also getting ready to release a new report that will teach you how to drive traffic to your blog using Yahoo Answers.

I’m dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s and the report will be available soon.  As a bonus to my readers, I’m offering a discount to all of my email subscribers (this is not the [...] Continue Reading…

More Proof Of The Power Of Article Marketing

by Mike on June 11, 2009
in Article Marketing

Yesterday I read a great post by Leo Dimilo regarding the traffic-generating power of article directories such as EzineArticles. 

I’m a big fan of article marketing for a couple of reasons:

 Its free.  If you’re just starting out and you’re on a tight budget there’s no better way to drive targeted traffic to your site. 
You can use your article to pre-sell the reader on whatever product or service you’re offering.  By the time they click through to your main site they’ve already been warmed up.
If you do it right some of your articles will send you traffic for YEARS.

Awhile back I shared some of my own results from an article marketing campaign I was running for one of my small niche sites.  I mentioned that one of my articles had been viewed 7169 times and had generated 4115 click-throughs to my main site.

Well I just checked my stats and in the [...] Continue Reading…

Some People Just Don’t Get It

by Mike on June 10, 2009
in Random

A buddy of mine forwarded me the image below this morning and it gave me a little chuckle.   Some people just don’t get it…

Sorry I don’t know where the file originated so I can’t credit the source.

The Importance of Link Authority

by Mike on May 26, 2009
in Link Building

In a recent post Christopher Ross wrote…
When a person creates a link from one website to another, it’s voting for the second site and telling Google that site A believes site B to be of equal or greater value to the web.
I think that’s an excellent way of explaining how the search engines view links and its absolutely vital that you understand this concept if you want to build a successful site. 

For example, say there are 2 blogs on the same topic.  We’ll call them ABC and XYZ. Both have top-notch content and everything about them is equal…except XYZ gets lots of link love from all over the web.  XYZ has tons of links pointed toward it while ABC has comparatively few.

All things being equal XYZ should easily outrank ABC. 

But why??  ABC has killer content…maybe even better content than XYZ.  What’s missing?

Link authority. 

The search engines look at all of [...] Continue Reading…

What’s In Your RSS Reader?

by Mike on May 17, 2009
in Blogging

Ok, today’s post is all about sharing. I keep track of more blogs than I can count but I’m going to list some of my favorites here so you too can check them out and see why they’re my “must reads”…

In the comments section feel free to share your own favorite blogs (even your own) so we can all share and discover new blogs.

So what’s in your RSS Reader??

7 Tips for Increasing Conversions

by Mike on May 11, 2009
in Internet Marketing

Today’s article is written by guest author Joel Ohman of  Joel offers some serious tips for increaing your website’s conversion rates…

Unless you have a website that you operate purely for your own enjoyment without any type of interactive or profit incentive then chances are you are like me in that you are constantly looking for ways to make your website convert better.

Many people associate the term website conversion with a sale and often that is exactly what it is but a conversion can really be anything at all. For all intents and purposes a website conversion is when the website visitor does what you want them to do. This could be buying a product, subscribing to your RSS feed, joining your newsletter, clicking on an advertisement, downloading an eBook, or any other number of things.

As the owner of a domain name tools website and close to 1,000 other [...] Continue Reading…

10 Ways To Make Quick Money If You’re An Internet Marketer

Cash. We all need it. And sometimes the unexpected comes up and we need it in a hurry. Like when your car breaks down or your kids flush a barbie doll head down the toilet.

If you’re living paycheck to paycheck an unplanned expense can be catastrophic. You might have to borrow from your retirement savings or take a loan to pay off the bill. Or you might have to skip your summer vacation down the shore.

But for those of us who are lucky enough to make money online, unexpected expenses can be paid off with just a little bit of creativity and a plan.

In Instant Cash Report, I’ll share with you 10 super-powered ways to make quick money online.

The report is free…but its only available to my email subscribers.

If you’re already subscribed then check your inbox because I’ve already sent you the download link. Otherwise just enter your name [...] Continue Reading…

2,790 Ways to Increase Traffic Using Audio with Your Blog Posts

by Mike on May 1, 2009
in Blogging

I recently asked my readers to supply a few guest posts that I could publish in those times where I am short on time and can’t get a post together for a bit.  Today’s post was written by Mikael Rieck of Retire Rich Roadmap…read the entire post because its a great idea and one that I must admit I’ve never taken advantage of myself.

This is a little known but HIGHLY effective way to increase the number of visitors to your site and the best part is that very few people are using it and that can be a great benefit to you. But let me explain what you will need to do because it is actually quite simple.

If you’re not already posting audio to your blog you will need to have your posts converted into audio. You can naturally do this manually but a much faster way is to [...] Continue Reading…

GeoCities is Closing – I Told You to Stay Away From Free Hosting!

by Mike on April 23, 2009
in Hosting

Yahoo has made a huge announcement that they’re no longer accepting new Geocities customers and later this year they’ll be closing all accounts and deleting all Geocities websites.

Now, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…you should never rely on free website hosting.

If you have any Geocities sites that send you traffic or revenue you’d better hustle and get all of the content moved to a paid host.  Obviously Yahoo is hoping you’ll migrate all of your sites onto their own paid service (which will create quite a revenue spike for them), but there are many other options when it comes to web hosting.

Check out rankings and reviews of various hosts from actual users at

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