How to Drive Traffic to Your Content

by Mike on September 25, 2018

Does your content drive traffic to your website? If your content is good, and by good, I mean top-notch off the drawer kind of material, it will bring more visitors to your online business. A single visit to your website is an opportunity for conversion, a lead that may turn out to be a customer. The more clicks you get on your site, the more sales you likely going to generate.

Contrary to most beliefs, you need not worry about producing new blog posts every fortnight. A single post is enough to boost your sales drastically.

The Secret to Increasing Traffic to Your Website

Epic Content

There is no doubt you have heard of the saying, epic content is the type of material that shore up content marketing. It not only strengthens your marketing campaign but also builds up your brand. Research conducted by Trust My Paper revealed, the content created by the company drives millennials loyalty towards a brand. Establishing an epic content will, therefore, build your reputation, generate leads and create brand awareness. A single visit by a potential customer to your website is an opportunity for conversion and could lead to a customer or subscriber.

Characteristic of epic content

• It develops trust among your customers • Its results are long-term and sustainable • A heroic material naturally gathers a lot of shares • It is ever trendy: has a long shelf life. • It is exhaustive covering every aspect of your business. • Its’ information is actionable • It has a marketing merit

Epic content is the type that grabs the attention of the customer, and everyone is all about talking about it. It is challenging to come up with such material; however, by breaking the creation process into steps, you will smoothen the journey. The following strategies will guide you in creating viral content

1. Effective Use of Keywords

The same philosophy, relevant keywords is the basis of a high-ranking site, applies to content too. Search for long tail keywords that are relevant to your business and customers and build your content around the keywords. The keywords make content that is worthwhile, and meaningful.

Make use of tools like Google Keyword Planner, to find highly searched words that are relevant to your site. Use the keywords to structure you’re the body of your content. Turn the long tail keywords and phrases into heading and subheadings.

Once you pick the keywords, research on the topics, you wish to write. Buzzsumo, Alltop, Google Trends and Quora will help you validate the argument. These online tools will also help you create compelling headlines. An irresistible headline will drive the most traffic to your website.

2. Create a Sales Funnel

People are looking for answers, therefore, create content that:

a) Contains purpose

  • An infographic
  • Product comparisons
  • FAQ’S
  • Case studies
  • b) Considers the needs of the audience

  • Offers tips and how-to guides
  • Whitepaper
  • Checklists
  • Podcast
  • eBooks
  • Analyst reports
  • c) Content that seeks to win a customer: Specific to a topic, contains useful product features and is helpful.

  • Live demos
  • Favorable reviews
  • Conveys gratitude to existing customers
  • Includes coupons
  • d) Content that solves issues in the society

  • Offers support
  • Updates the users of new products
  • Advertise

    Once you have successfully created an epic content, attract visitors by using social media advertising and other paid searches. Putting your brand in front of people will attract more visitors and build your brand. Carefully select a paid search channel that fits your marketing goals. Are you looking to increase conversions or just drive more traffic? If you want to drive more traffic to use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Use Google+ to help your content appear in personalized search results. Twitter is an excellent media for conveying short, snappy contents.

    Guest Blog

    Secure a guest post in a reputable site to spread your net wider. Reaching out to more people will increase blog traffic and sales. Watch out not to fall prey to the spam tactics that could attract stiff penalties. Make sure the blogs are from credible sources, and the content is relevant to the audience.

    Continue With the Conversation

    Squeezing your thoughts into one article is impractical. Write small nuggets of information that will engage the audience and leave them yearning for the next article. Create videos, podcast, audio recordings and images to captivate the audience. Incorporating media makes it easy for the reader to digest the information more so considering there is a disparity regarding the readers’ comprehension level. Media is also a powerful tool for engaging the audience and useful when finding difficulties in explaining yourself.

    Eliminate confusion or doubt in the mind of readers by backing up your arguments with graphs, charts or diagrams. People relate more with real-life examples.

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