Green Living PLR Pack Added – PLR Site Overhauled

by Mike on March 31, 2009
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Well I haven’t been posting here much because I’ve been working on a couple of other projects…one of which is revamping my PLR site.  I set up DLGuard to protect myself from unauthorized downloads (Great product by the way…I’ll write a review in another post).

I also added a new Green Living PLR package of 5 articles.  Green living is a huge topic right now as everyone is looking for new ways to be environmentally friendly.   Here are the titles in the green living plr pack:

1. A Call to Action
2. Everyday Green Living
3. Green Living – Carbon Offsets for Consumers
4. Green Living Tips for the Workplace
5. The 3 R’s of Green Living

Download the Green Living PLR package now and be one of the first.

Raising Awareness About Poverty

by Mike on October 15, 2008
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If you weren’t already aware, today is Blog Action Day…a day in which blogs around the world have pledged to post about a common topic to change the conversation and raise awareness about a serious issue.  This year’s topic is poverty.

I think we’re all familiar with poverty.  And its not just the drunken homeless man sleeping in the corner of the bus stop…all around us there are people struggling to get by and teetering on the brink of a financial abyss.

It could be your next door neighbor who lost his job and now eats boxed macaroni and cheese for dinner 4 nights a week.

It could be the single mom still saddled with exorbitant medical expenses she’ll never pay off.

It could be the elderly couple trying to survive on Social Security.

These people are all around us and I think its only human to stop for a minute and think of the people who have less than you.  How can you help someone in need?

Winter is coming and that almost-new coat you never wear because it makes you look chunky could keep someone else warm on those frigid days to come.

Old clothes that don’t fit or just sit in your closet would be perfect for those who can’t afford to replace their own worn out wardrobe.  Children’s clothes are especially helpful.  How would you feel if it were your daughter who got made fun of for wearing the same outfit everyday?

Donating food can help keep people from starving to death.  And don’t just give them the old lima beans and peas that you don’t like.  Give them something they might actually enjoy.

Toy drives are popular around the holidays.  It breaks my heart to think of little children who have no presents to open up on Christmas Day.  An inexpensive stuffed animal, fire truck, or doll can give a child a happy holiday.

Please take a moment today to think about people who are less fortunate than you.  If each of makes just a small gesture we can come together and make a world of difference.

Please spread the word and pass this post along to your friends.  And if you have your own blog I encourage you to post about poverty today too…and you can even leave a comment below with a link to you blog action day post…

Comment Policy

by Mike on September 30, 2008
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I feel its important for a blog to have a comment policy.  An effective blog should be like a little community in which everyone is encouraged to add their own opinions.  Unfortunately there are some bad apples that like to stir up trouble or spam blogs for their own selfish purposes.  That’s why I created this simple comment policy that sets the ground rules for

1. No porn, gambling, hate, or otherwise questionable links allowed. 

2. You’re welcome to link to your blog or website, but no affiliate links please.

3. Don’t be greedy.  You’re getting a free link in return for your comment so please don’t add even more links inside the comment itself.  It just looks spammy.

4. Please use a real name.  I’d like to actually get to know and interact with my regular readers and a name helps build relationships among readers more than keyword stuffing will.  The other day I received a comment with “Hot Latina Asses” as the author.  If I see something like that I’m  going to change it to Anonymous or just delete it.

5. Keep in mind this is a family friendly blog and comments that are insulting, rude, or offensive will be edited or deleted.

6. I’m using 3 different plugins to help give back to regular readers.

Lucia’s Linklove rewards frequent posters by removing the NoFollow tag from your link after you’ve had 7 comments approved.  The idea is to discourage drive-by spammers without punishing loyal readers.

CommentLuv automatically checks your url and if its a blog it will post a link to your most recent post after your comment. I’ve noticed some bugs with this one pulling the right post but overall it works great.

Top Commentators does exactly what its name implies.  It lists the top commentators for the current month in the sidebar and those links are all DoFollow, so you can get a sitewide link on this blog (currently PageRank 4) just by regularly posting approved comments!

7. I reserve the right to approve, edit, or delete comments as I see fit.  I also reserve the right to change this comment policy at any time.