What’s Going On With Google PageRank?

by Mike on October 4, 2008
in Search Engines

A lot of strange goings on with Google PageRank since yesterday.  Just last week the PR of this blog was updated from a N/A to a PR4.  Now its back to an N/A.

I checked my other sites and they all appear to be back to what they were before last week’s update.  My best guess is Google had to roll back the update for some reason and its only temporary.  So settle down and don’t worry about it.

I don’t care much about PR anyway.  Its nice to see it go up but it doesn’t really correlate to how much revenue a site produces…unless you sell links which I don’t do anyway.

We;ll see what happens over the next couple of days.  hopefully it will all get straightened out and I’ll get the PR4 back again.

What kind of impact have you seen on your sites?

Edit on 10/6 – Looks like the dust settled and I’m back to a PR4…all is well with the world again.  :)