What Adam Sandler Taught Me About Priorities

by Mike on October 21, 2008
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One of my favorite Adam Sandler movies is Click. Sandler plays a
workaholic who comes across a magic remote control that allows him to pause or fast forward over parts of his life. But he quickly loses control and discovers he’s missed out on most of the great moments of life. He’s also neglected his family…he ends up old, divorced, and alone, and he has missed out on his son and daughter’s childhood. They grew up without him.

Lying in a hospital bed after suffering a massive heart attack he realizes that his mistakes are about to repeat themselves as his son is going to skip his honeymoon to attend to business. There’s a touching seen at the end where Sandler is struggling to catch up with his son to tell him “Family comes first.”

When I first sat down to watch Click I thought it was strictly a comedy, but instead it ended with a powerful message that really struck me hard. As a dad I struggle to balance work and other responsibilities with family time. I’m sure you do too.

Our lives are so busy and full of chores, errands, and responsibilities that it can be easy to lose sight of what really matters. Nothing is more important to me than my family, but at times I still find myself putting other things before them…working, projects around the house, etc.

Then I have to sit back and remind myself of what’s important. When the kids are pulling at me to come play its easy to say “No, daddy has work to do.” But it breaks their little hearts.

Time moves fast and before long they’ll be all grown up. So I make sure to spend some quality time with them every single day now while I can. It doesn’t take much to make my little girls happy…it can be as simple as sitting on the floor coloring or doing a puzzle together. I cherish that time because I know it won’t last forever.

I hope you understand the importance of family and children. If you find yourself pushing them aside because you have to go to research keywords, download a new ebook, or write a new blog post…stop. Look at their little faces and remember they
won’t be little forever. If you don’t stop to enjoy them now you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.


8 Responses to “What Adam Sandler Taught Me About Priorities”
  1. Christopher Ross (15 comments.) says:

    This is a completely true story, but a little sad.

    When I was 25 I worked at an Engineering firm and my supervisor happened to also be my next door neighbor. One Friday I was called into her office and she rang me through the ringer for being late every day that week. She was right of course, being late wasn’t normally appropriate.

    Now in this case, I explained to her that my wife was suffering morning sickness and our toddler couldn’t be left unattended while she was sick. I’d called every morning at 7:45 am tell my supervisor that I was leaving a few minutes late, and every day I got to work half an hour late. I’d would also stay over lunch to make up the time.

    Her response was (I kid you not) … the company was my priority. It was the company which allowed me to have a wife and provide for my children. Needless to say I broke out laughing and left them that afternoon. Ever since, I’ve been staying home with my family and enjoying their company while I freelance.

  2. Jason Fulton (19 comments.) says:

    When i first started out in IM i spent way to much time on the computer and no where near enough time with my family. Now i have turned those things around and have found a balance that is involves alot more time with my family.


  3. Kenneth (1 comments.) says:

    I love this movie too… Yeah my wife has been splitting some time between Dallas, TX and Canada. And I tell you what, that separation makes me really remember to keep this whole thing in perspective.

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  4. Om (6 comments.) says:

    It was a good movie and really hits the nail on the head asking to prioritize our stuff and keep balance between our work and family. Try and maintain warmth in relationship and at least communicate with the people who matter to us and not just break away from them.

  5. Yan@Blog for Beginners (1 comments.) says:

    I’m guilty not spending more time with family as much as I should have to. This article serves as a timely reminder for us to pause for a moment and think of our priority.


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  6. Mike Collins says:

    I’m glad to see I’m not alone. Especially with the holidays coming up I think we should all make an effort to spend more time with our loved ones.

  7. Steve (4 comments.) says:

    I’ve had trouble with balancing work and family as well. I will never put a project ahead of my daughters but my wife does get the short end on the stick a lot.

    It’s a tough thing to manage but I know that in the long run what I am doing will benefit our family more than harm it.


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  8. gas card (3 comments.) says:

    I didn’t expect this movie to be touching either. I thought it was going to be a comedy throughout the entirety of the film. It was a nice ending that was not expected. It is very important to not get absorbed in your work. You should take the time to spend with your loved ones, and to cherish life. Certainly this isn’t a family movie, but its one that adults can take a great message (and laugh) from.


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