Running A Contest To Build Links

by Mike on February 27, 2009
in Link Building

This post is a part of my ongoing series on link-building.  It’s going to seem awfully short but with good reason. 

I have a lot of ideas on how to run a successful contest and I even wrote up a pretty detailed post outlining my thoughts.  But since I’ve never actually run a contest as a blogger its all just theory. 

So I decided to ditch the post I had written for now so I can actually test my theories in the real world.  Then I can write up an even better post and discuss my case-study in detail.  :)

Yes that means I’ll soon be announcing my own contest here at  I’m thinking it’ll run through the month of April (or May?)…depends on how much time I have to work out the details. 

In the meantime, if you have anything you’d like to donate as a prize (a product, service, review on your blog, etc.) you can contact me here.  Anyone who supplies a prize will get a backlink and some free promotion here.


23 Responses to “Running A Contest To Build Links”
  1. Web Design Beach (11 comments.) says:

    Smart move. Many blog owners are doing such a contests lately, and seems they are working, so i guess you wont make mistake by running one by yourself.

  2. Ben Pei (9 comments.) says:

    Hey Colin,

    I will be glad to sponsor a prize for your upcoming contest. Can you contact me with more details like the date and I will be one of your supporters!

    Ben Peis last blog post..Interview With Garry Conn On Google Talk

  3. Listen To Hip Hop Music (4 comments.) says:

    I’m looking forward to the contest. Perhaps I’ll offer some kind of free placement on my site, though I don’t think it will be of great value yet. I’m interested to see the results and what they will signify in regard to the quest of building links.

    Listen To Hip Hop Musics last blog post..Jay Rock x Busta Rhymes – Beat A Rapper Down

  4. Mike Collins says:

    @Ben: I think you mean Mike..haha.

    Thanks for the offer! I’ll get in touch when I figure out what month I decide on.

  5. Webkinz (15 comments.) says:

    I like contests. Can’t wait for yours.

    Webkinzs last blog post..Webkinz Jr. Releases by Ganz

  6. Funny Stuff (15 comments.) says:

    Contests to build links tend to work out pretty well. I’m looking forward to seeing what your contest will be.

    Funny Stuffs last blog post..Weekly Recap – 02/23/2009 – 02/27/2009

  7. Online Deals (5 comments.) says:

    Hey Mike,

    I have been thinking of running a contest on my weight loss blog, I’m going to wait and see how you do it and what kind of results you get from it.

    I have no idea where to start with it.


    Online Dealss last blog post..Wii Fit at Walmart

  8. first $100 (2 comments.) says:

    This is a great idea for healthy competition to broaden our minds. thanks!

  9. Tnomeralc Web Design (1 comments.) says:

    Wow, another contest, Im excited about it!

    Please do it on May! Thanks!

  10. Robby G (5 comments.) says:

    It’s a good idea to run a contest after you have a nice readerbase going, which it appears that you have. I’ve ran one for one of my blogs too early and it still helped, just taught me that it was important to give it time before running it. Good luck.

    Robby Gs last blog post..How to Win a Woman Over

  11. Erica says:

    Cool idea… seems to be the trend; but it’s working. Good luck!

  12. Rahul Jadhav (4 comments.) says:

    Hosting a contest is a great way of building backlinks if you ask the people participating to write a post about your contest

    Rahul Jadhavs last blog post..How Oscars And Nokia Brought Traffic To My Blog

  13. The Blogger Source (12 comments.) says:

    Anyone sign up to give away prizes yet? Curious what might be offered.

    The Blogger Sources last blog post..Latest WordPress Plugins #6

  14. Bidet (4 comments.) says:

    Can’t wait to see what kind of contest this is, contests are always great ways to get more links

  15. Hesham (1 comments.) says:

    I wish you good luck with your contest, I am looking forward to learn something from this, as I running my first blog contest recently on one of my blogs, but unfortunately it didn’t went good as I have expected, probably because it was not planned good.

    so plz I am teling my personal experiance on first contest just as an advice, so take care and study it well so you can get better chance. so plz take care.

    let me know if you need help with your contest, I will be happy to help on a way or another.

    Good luck!

    Heshams last blog post..Kai’s Guest Post About Twitter on My Life Thinking

  16. web design miami (3 comments.) says:

    Can’t wait for the contest! I’m glad you haven’t publish a post that’s not based on your personal experience – it makes your blog look more proffesional.

  17. Stu @ Toronto Health and Wellness (5 comments.) says:

    Hi Mike

    Your prizes need to be exceptional if you want to be heard above the din when you run a blog contest.

    People just tend to not want to write about a contest someone is running in their own blog.

  18. GoFrostfire (4 comments.) says:

    Hi Mike,

    We would be happy to provide a free gift from

  19. Zander Boon (3 comments.) says:


    Sorry I must be a real newbie in this area! How does a “backlink contest” work? Does everyone start on day 1 with a new domain, and then after a month, the one with the most backlinks wins?

    Yours confusedly

  20. Firany (3 comments.) says:

    It’s the fact that many bigger companies forget. Running contests and sending freebies to people costs nothing (as compared to any other form of advertising) yet often brings better results than regular ad campaign.

  21. Job Interview Questions (4 comments.) says:

    Contests are very effective if done well, if not, then its kind of embarrassing, if you dont get much interest!

    Job Interview Questionss last blog post..Re: Do you have things you’ve never really told anyone?

  22. Stu @ Toronto Health and Wellness (5 comments.) says:

    @Firany – I’m pretty sure it costs some serious dough to send all those freebies out! ;-)

  23. michelle (1 comments.) says:

    Build your list of emails and send the proposal manually to get huge links to your website.Its really worth. try it.

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