Will You Get Sued For Something You Post On Your Blog?

by Mike on December 5, 2008
in Product Reviews

Today I just want to give you a quick heads up that Mike Young’s Website Legal Forms Generator software is about to double in price, so if you want to grab a copy do it quickly before its too late.  And I’m not an affiliate so I have nothing to gain by promoting Mike’s product.  I just want to do what’s best for my readers.  :)

I recently purchased a copy of Mike’s software to create a new privacy policy, terms and conditions, and other legal disclaimers for this blog as well as my other web sites.  In today’s “sue everybody” society, I strongly recommend you do the same to protect yourself from frivolous lawsuits. 

Mike’s software is ridiculously easy to use.   Just fill out a few fields and ask a few questions and you’ll have everything ready in just a few minutes.  Mike says it takes 17 minutes, but it [...] Continue Reading…

Why Do You Blog?

by Mike on November 21, 2008
in Blogging

I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging lately and I’ve come to the decision that a running a blog is not the best business plan for long term success. 

Yes, there are some notable exceptions…but overall I find bloggers work waaaay too hard for little financial reward.  Of course, making money is not the only reason to have a blog…

Maybe you just want a place to share your thoughts on a subject. 

Or perhaps you use your blog to network and make contacts. 

Do you blog to promote your main website?  Or an offline business?

Are you trying to make a name for yourself so you can cash in on your notoriety down the road?

For me, making money off of this blog is not really important.  I have other sites that generate income and this blog  is just a way for me to share my thoughts and internet marketing strategies while making some friends.  If [...] Continue Reading…

Strange Happenings At Clickbank

by Mike on November 11, 2008
in Affiliate Marketing

If you’re into affiliate marketing then odds are you know all about Clickbank.  If you’ve never heard of CB you should know that they’re probably the largest online retailer of digital products and they have thousands of products to promote.  Its where most newbies start their affiliate marketing journey.

Unfortunately there have been some rumblings in the past few weeks about orders not being processed correctly.  More specifically, vendors and affiliates alike are afraid that they’re not getting paid for their sales.  Conversion rates for some products have tumbled and while some may shrug it off as a fluke a lot of people are concerned.  After all, if you’re spending money on a PPC campaign your profit margin may be pretty small.  Losing a few sales could mean the difference between a tidy profit and a huge loss.

Personally, I did notice a very quiet two weeks from my affiliate sites, [...] Continue Reading…

Update on Review Style Case Study

by Mike on November 8, 2008
in Case Studies

Well its been about six weeks since I launched my review style case study and I have good news and bad news.

My Best Web Host Ratings site uses the WPReview site plugin to let vititors leave their own comments and ratings about the web hosts they’ve used.  The idea is that people who are shopping around for a web host will find my site, read some of the reviews and comparisons, and click on one of my affiliate links.

The bad news is that I’ve really underpromoted it…I had planned a good sized article marketing campaign but I’ve only written two short articles.  I’ve only gotten 128 unique visitors to the site and there aren’t that many customer comments.  I added a few myself for the hosting providers I’ve used and some I got thanks to a forum post telling people they’d get a free link in return for a [...] Continue Reading…

How Has The Economy Affected You?

by Mike on October 29, 2008
in Making Money Online

As financial markets around the world continue to go up and down like a yo-yo, a lot of people are scared.  Companies everywhere are laying off employees, freezing open positions, and cutting back any way they can…including salary increases and bonuses. 

I personally know a lot of people with hefty mortgages who are worried they could be out on the street if they lost their job (or if their cost of living continues to skyrocket while their salary remains the same).  They feel like they’re on a wild roller coaster ride that has gone out of control.

This lack of control is one of the primary reasons I started my own business to make money online.  The thought of being completely reliant on the whims of some faceless corporation scares the hell out of me.  I need to know that if times are tough I can fend for myself. 

That said, a [...] Continue Reading…

Starting a Pay Per Click Case Study

by Mike on October 24, 2008
in Case Studies, Pay Per Click

Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to post here lately…my mother in law has been ill, I’ve been working on a project on my house, and I recently signed up for PPC Classroom 2.0 so I’ve been spending time pouring through their modules and preparing to dive into the world of pay per click. 

There’s a lot of money to be made in Pay Per Click so I strongly suggest you consider it as part of your business model.  This is something I’ve been looking to get into for some time but I just haven’t had a chance to educate myself properly.  I’ve played around with ppc before but there’s a lot I didn’t know.  Time to fix that!

PPC Classroom is a course that’s designed to teach you the ins and outs of running successful Google AdWords campaigns.I don’t have an affiliate link and in fact the course in now [...] Continue Reading…

What Adam Sandler Taught Me About Priorities

by Mike on October 21, 2008
in Inspiration

One of my favorite Adam Sandler movies is Click. Sandler plays a
workaholic who comes across a magic remote control that allows him to pause or fast forward over parts of his life. But he quickly loses control and discovers he’s missed out on most of the great moments of life. He’s also neglected his family…he ends up old, divorced, and alone, and he has missed out on his son and daughter’s childhood. They grew up without him.

Lying in a hospital bed after suffering a massive heart attack he realizes that his mistakes are about to repeat themselves as his son is going to skip his honeymoon to attend to business. There’s a touching seen at the end where Sandler is struggling to catch up with his son to tell him “Family comes first.”

When I first sat down to watch Click I thought it was strictly a comedy, but instead [...] Continue Reading…

Personal Development For Smart People

by Mike on October 15, 2008
in Recommended Reading

In this post I’m going to tell you about a new book called Personal Development for Smart People by Steve Pavlina.  I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of Steve’s new book with the promise that I would write a short review on this blog.

I’m a big fan of Steve’s blog so this really was a no brainer for me.  Worst case I figured I’d get a free book out of the deal right?

Well I got a lot more out of Personal Development for Smart People than that.   Steve really has written the ultimate book for personal development in which he reveals “the seven universal truths behind all successful growth efforts…as well as practical, insightful methods for improving your health, relationships, career, finances, and more.”

Steve’s 7 universal truths can be used to improve all aspects of your life but as an internet marketer I found the chapter [...] Continue Reading…

Raising Awareness About Poverty

by Mike on October 15, 2008
in Uncategorized

If you weren’t already aware, today is Blog Action Day…a day in which blogs around the world have pledged to post about a common topic to change the conversation and raise awareness about a serious issue.  This year’s topic is poverty.

I think we’re all familiar with poverty.  And its not just the drunken homeless man sleeping in the corner of the bus stop…all around us there are people struggling to get by and teetering on the brink of a financial abyss.

It could be your next door neighbor who lost his job and now eats boxed macaroni and cheese for dinner 4 nights a week.

It could be the single mom still saddled with exorbitant medical expenses she’ll never pay off.

It could be the elderly couple trying to survive on Social Security.

These people are all around us and I think its only human to stop for a minute and think of [...] Continue Reading…

Article Marketing – The Traffic Generating Machine

by Mike on October 12, 2008
in Article Marketing

The other day I was chatting with Danny Cooper over on his blog and I mentioned that I’ve had a lot of success generating traffic to my niche web sites via article marketing.  Danny asked me if I’d be willing to share some specific numbers so I figured I’d post it here so you can get an idea of just how powerful article marketing is.

Now there’s no way to cover every aspect of article marketing in just one blog post…so this will be the first in an ongoing series.  Make sure you subscribe to my free RSS feed so you can continue receiving each new post because once completed you’ll have a comprehensive guide to making money using article marketing.

If you’ve never heard the term article marketing you must be living in a cave.  Its simply the process of writing articles to generate traffic to your web site.  Blogging [...] Continue Reading…

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