Internet Marketing Tips – Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

by Mike on April 13, 2009
in Internet Marketing

There’s one mistake made by one would-be internet marketing genius after another. They spend months or years learning the ropes of online business and then they finally hit upon a method that works for them. having found their own little formula for success, they start repeating the process over and over again.

Before they know it they have a whole network of sites plugging away earning them steady money day after day. They figure as long as they continue building new sites their income will continue to grow.

Its really a good plan and you would do well to follow it. But, they’re missing out on one key concept that could wipe out their entire business overnight.


Relying too much on any given method or third party site is a recipe for disaster. You need to diversify your streams of income to protect your business from the unexpected. Just think about what [...] Continue Reading…

Green Living PLR Pack Added – PLR Site Overhauled

by Mike on March 31, 2009
in Uncategorized

Well I haven’t been posting here much because I’ve been working on a couple of other projects…one of which is revamping my PLR site.  I set up DLGuard to protect myself from unauthorized downloads (Great product by the way…I’ll write a review in another post).

I also added a new Green Living PLR package of 5 articles.  Green living is a huge topic right now as everyone is looking for new ways to be environmentally friendly.   Here are the titles in the green living plr pack:

1. A Call to Action
2. Everyday Green Living
3. Green Living – Carbon Offsets for Consumers
4. Green Living Tips for the Workplace
5. The 3 R’s of Green Living

Download the Green Living PLR package now and be one of the first.

Are Your Comments Getting Deleted?

by Mike on March 14, 2009
in Blogging

I’ve gotten a couple of emails this past week from readers who are wondering why their comments were getting deleted.  Since many of you comment here and on other blogs as part of your kink-building campaign I figured it would be helpful to explain why your comments aren’t being approved.   This doesn’t just go for my blog either…it goes for all blogs you leave comments on.

1.  I’m pretty flexible when it comes to comments and I approve almost all of them as long as I feel they contribute to the conversation.  Posts that say nothing more than “I agree” or “Nice post” are likely to be deleted.

2.  I’m not a fan of keywords in place of an actual name, but I usually allow it as long as the comment is worth including.  However, if your keywords are inappropriate or adult-themed you can expect them to be deleted.

3.  I get [...] Continue Reading…

“What If Everyone Whose AdSense Account Was Cancelled Sued Google?”

by Mike on March 6, 2009
in AdSense

Just a short post today…unfortunately we’ve been dealing with a pair of serious illnesses in our family and its taken a huge toll on both my time and energy.  I’m doing my best to keep posting regularly. 

Anyways…just wanted to pass along a short article that intrigued me…

It tells the tale of a business owner who has his AdSense account closed without notice and his struggles to find out why.  He was never able to get a definitive answer from Google but he was able to sue them for the amount that was in his account ($721) at the time it was terminated. 

The scary part is that this could happen to any of us at any time.  Google maintains its right to terminate any AdSense account for any reason and without warning. 

Just imagine your entire business plan disintegrating right before your eyes and there’s nothing you can do about it. 

You [...] Continue Reading…

Running A Contest To Build Links

by Mike on February 27, 2009
in Link Building

This post is a part of my ongoing series on link-building.  It’s going to seem awfully short but with good reason. 

I have a lot of ideas on how to run a successful contest and I even wrote up a pretty detailed post outlining my thoughts.  But since I’ve never actually run a contest as a blogger its all just theory. 

So I decided to ditch the post I had written for now so I can actually test my theories in the real world.  Then I can write up an even better post and discuss my case-study in detail.  :)

Yes that means I’ll soon be announcing my own contest here at  I’m thinking it’ll run through the month of April (or May?)…depends on how much time I have to work out the details. 

In the meantime, if you have anything you’d like to donate as a prize (a product, service, review [...] Continue Reading…

Building Links And Driving Web Traffic Through Directories

by Mike on February 16, 2009
in Link Building

The other day I was reading an epic post on getting backlinks that matter and it really got my brain cells going.  I decided to do my own little mini-series of posts discussing the many link-building methods used by internet marketers.  But rather than writing one long post I’m going to break it up into a whole series so I can go more in depth on each method.

By the way, if you’re looking for some more ideas on how to get links to your site check out my post on 50 Link Building Tips That Work.

In this post I’m going to discuss web site directories.  I believe there’s a lot of misconceptions about directories and I think most marketers and bloggers go about using them in all the wrong ways.
What is a Web Site Directory?
A web site directory is really nothing more than a list of links sorted by [...] Continue Reading…

What Scrooge McDuck Taught Me About Internet Marketing

by Mike on February 5, 2009
in Mindset, Productivity

When I was a kid there was a string of hit Disney cartoons that aired in the after-school hours on weekday afternoons. There was the Gummi Bears, Tale Spin, Darkwing Duck, Goof Troop, and Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers.

As a cartoon-loving kid, I was in my glory. I loved all those shows, but my favorite was Ducktales.

image source:

Ducktales revolved around Donald Duck’s nephews and his Uncle Scrooge McDuck. It was a classic cartoon and I still enjoy it today with my own kids thanks to DVD.

So what does watching Ducktales have to do with internet marketing strategies?

Let me explain.

Your feelings about money and work (and everything else for that matter) are the result of many different experiences and influences. Your parents and siblings. Your friends and their families. What you read in a book or saw on tv. All of these influences intermingle and come together to form [...] Continue Reading…

Data Entry Scams Exposed

by Mike on February 3, 2009
in Scams

I got into an argument the other day with a buddy of mine who is looking for a way to make some extra money. He had been looking around the internet in search of a reliable way to make a few extra bucks each month. After spending a few late nights searching he stumbled onto an idea he liked. It was a data entry service that claimed it would pay him to type simple information into a couple of fields. He could do this right from the comfort of his own home and he’d get paid every two weeks.

This immediately set off the alarms in my head. I’ve seen people fall for data entry scams before and I didn’t want to see it happen to my friend. As I tried to explain it to him he got very upset. He claimed I was trying to put down his idea [...] Continue Reading…

Real Work Excuses You Can Use To Stay Home From Work

by Mike on January 29, 2009
in Random

I was researching keywords for an article I’m working on and I realized there are a ton of people searching for good excuses to skip work.  Just look at them all!

273 real work excuses
106 excuses to skip work
60 excuses to miss work
47 excuses for not going to work
24 real excuses to miss work
21 excuses work absence
16 excuses for work absence
16 good excuses for missing work
15 serious excuses to miss work
12 good excuses to miss work

Now I’m guessing most people are looking for real work excuses so they can stay home and sit on the couch watching The Price is Right or General Hospital…but I’ll assume you want to stay home so you can concentrate on building your blog or creating an info product to sell.  ;)

Anyway I called my buddy Joe who works as an office manager/HR guy for a small business and asked what were the craziest real work excuses he had ever heard?  [...] Continue Reading…

Please Help Save These Poor Animals From An Unfortunate Fate

by Mike on January 28, 2009
in Personal

Will you please take two minutes of your time to help my friend Allison save some poor animal’s lives?  (It won’t cost you a penny, I swear)

Allison is volunteer coordinator at an animal shelter in New Jersey…they take in dogs, cats, and other animals that have been abused, abandoned, or in need of help. You can read more about their work here.

They’re a not-for-profit organization and they’re really struggling to make ends meet.  Its possible they could go under and if that happens a lot of puppies and kittens will have nowhere else to go.

Don’t worry…I’m not going to ask you for a donation!   All I ask is that if you have a pet, go to (its like a Facebook for pet owners) and create a free account.

When you create your account I need to affiliate yourself with Allison’s shelter.  You see there’s a big contest going on [...] Continue Reading…

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