Discover How To Dominate Yahoo Answers

by Mike on July 12, 2009
in Web Traffic

In my last post I mentioned that I was working on a new report that would be the ultimate guide to using Yahoo Answers to generate boatloads of traffic to your websites and blogs.

Well earlier today I finally launched it!

Answers Domination will take you by the hand and teach you everything you need to know to tap into the huge traffic potential of Yahoo Answers!

Here’s just a small sampling of what you’ll learn…

  • How to link to your site without getting flagged for spam
  • How much traffic you can expect to generate with Yahoo Answers
  • An easy way to find the most relevant questions to answer
  • How to get notified as soon as a targeted question is asked
  • Advanced methods for monetizing your Yahoo Answers traffic
  • How to earn the coveted Best Answer
  • What to do to get a suspended account reinstated

Even if you’ve tried to use YA in the past and failed miserably, I promise this guide will help you turn things around so you can absolutely dominate your niche using Yahoo Answers.

Download it today at


12 Responses to “Discover How To Dominate Yahoo Answers”
  1. Cash Back (1 comments.) says:

    Yahoo answers are a great way to get some good traffic to your website. The links are nofollowed, but it doesn’t matter cause you are getting laser targeted traffic that will convert!
    Cash Back´s last blog ..Hello world!

  2. Mike says:

    You’re absolutely right CB. Yahoo Answers is less about link-building and more about getting quality traffic that can be monetized.

    BUT, in my report I do talk about a way to get actual link juice (DO Follow links) by using Yahoo Answers!

  3. Tycoon Blogger (2 comments.) says:

    I tried getting traffic from Yahoo Answers in the past and it was a huge waste of time. I will be downloading the info because I do think it could work if you know what you are doing.
    Tycoon Blogger´s last blog ..Adgitize Review

  4. Karaoke hire (1 comments.) says:

    Till now i was using the yahoo answers for searching only but after reading your post i come to know that it generates traffic for blogs. Its “icing on the cake”

  5. credit card charges (3 comments.) says:

    Hi, Mike Yahoo Answer is really very nice for this. I had used it but a little. You had describe it in very good manner. Thanks for sharing such nice info.

  6. Ben Pei (4 comments.) says:

    Does it still bring alot of traffic from YA?
    Ben Pei´s last blog ..Affiliate Marketing Will Never Be The Same Again

  7. Mike says:

    Yes, some of the questions I answered long ago are still generating traffic. I use it mostly for my niche sites, driving traffic to affiliate offers.

  8. Refinance (3 comments.) says:

    I had used Yahoo Answers for a while. Its very nice to generate traffic to your blog. It has very positive result. Thanks for link.

  9. La Digue (8 comments.) says:

    I’ve heard that Yahoo Answers are a good means to drive traffic to your website. Here you are, you just confirmed that. Now am gonna definitely give it a try. Thanks for sharing this ebook…

  10. Inchireri Robe (1 comments.) says:

    Never tried Yahoo Answers for generating traffic but this info is makeing me curious. I will try it to see if is really healpful. Thanks :)

  11. caravan sales uk (2 comments.) says:

    I’ve used yahoo answers quite a bit myself as a way of driving traffic to my sites. It can work really well especially if you can manage to get that top answer. I am interested to read how you monetize your yahoo answers traffic though.

  12. Back Acne Cures (2 comments.) says:

    Ever since Yahoo! Answers played around with their rules it’s been hell of a job making decent cash with YA.

    Back Acne Cures´s last blog ..How to Get Rid of Back Acne

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