Is It Too Late For You To Start Making Money On The Internet?

by Mike on August 25, 2008
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It’s a question that every newbie and wanna-be entrepreneur asks…

“Have I missed the boat? Is it too late?”

photo credit: bogenfreund

In some markets, it may indeed be too late. If your plan was to open a video store that rents VHS tapes then you’ve definitely missed the boat. And you might have a hard time releasing your own operating system now that Microsoft pretty much has a strangle hold on the market.

But as far as [tag-tec]internet marketing[/tag-tec] goes…we’ve barely seen a glimspe of the surface. There’s a whopper of an iceberg hiding out of sight and the market is set to explode in coming years.

If you had jumped into the world of online business in the late 1990’s (and survived the dot com bust) you wouldn’t be reading this blog right now. You’d probably be laying on a private beach somewhere being fed grapes and fanned by beautiful women (or men, for the ladies).

But you know what? I perdict that 20 years from now people will be saying the same thing about 2008. I really do.

The internet is still just a little toddler learning to walk. Its nowhere near its full potential. There are millions of people who don’t have internet access or whose connection speed is so slow that even routine browsing is a chore. And millions more are still too afraid of scams or identity theft to make purchases online (sounds ridiculous to you and me right?)

As more people come online and connection speeds increase there will be an incredible influx of business conducted on the web.

And the best part of it is there’s still plenty of time to position yourself as a mover and shaker. You see the mere fact that you’re reading this gives you a distinct advantage over 99% of the population. They have no idea what internet marketing is or how to [tag-tec]earn a living online[/tag-tec]. Heck, they can barely figure out how to add a link to their list of Favorites!

To them YOU ARE A GURU! Even if you haven’t put together all the pieces of the puzzle…at least you’ve started putting it together. Most people don’t even know the puzzle exists…

As marketers we tend to take our knowledge for granted and assume everyone already knows what we know. But it never ceases to amaze me how many of my friends have never heard of Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, ebooks, autoresponders, etc. To them I’m some kind of technological genius (trust me I’m not! ).

To them making a measly $200-$300 a month would change their lives. It would mean having some extra play money or a vacation fund or paying down some debt. And $300 a month is so easy a goal if you just put in a little bit of work.

Anyway, the moral of this post is this…

We’re only in the first inning here. There’s still a lot of game left to be played and its still early enough for you to jump in and make a killing. So what are you waiting for? Get off the bench and get in the game!

photo credit: frigante