Getting Rid Of Malware Is Easier Said Than Done

by Mike on January 19, 2009
in Personal, Security

Last week my wife opened up an email from one of her girlfriends and clicked on the file that was attached.  She thought it was a harmless message that came from one of her best friends…but in fact it was a time bomb loaded with malware that messed up her computer until last night. 

Apparently her girlfriend’s PC got infected with something that then sent a malicious file to everyone in her address book and I was forced to spend the better part of a week cleaning up the mess.  And I know from experience that getting rid of malware is no laughing matter. 

Malware can take many forms…everything from keylogger programs that track what keys you type in an attempt to crack passwords to spyware bots that create all sorts of popup advertising. 

My better half’s PC was infected with some kind of trojan that caused advertising popups informing her she was infected and that she needed to download a file to clean her machine.  God knows what would have happened if she actually downloaded it!  It was bad enough though as the popups became so intense they would lock up the machine and make it unuseable.

I tried running every scan and fix I could think of but I’m no expert at getting rid of malware.  So I have to give a quick shout out to the folks at Security Forums for helping me clean up the mess.  These are good people that devote time to helping people like you and me get rid of malware for good. 

If your PC is running slow, has lots of popups, or shows other signs of malware infection I strongly suggest you visit their forum and ask for help.  Just be sure to only take advice from the moderators…listening to anyone else may just get you into even deeper trouble.