Tis The Season For Link Love

by Mike on December 23, 2008
in Recommended Reading

I’ve been pretty busy with the holidays and a couple of other projects I’m working on so its been too long since I posted here. But I’m gonna keep it short today.

I don’t usually bother with “link love” types of posts because they don’t add much value to the reader…but in the holiday spirit its time for a little shout out to some of my friends and fellow bloggers…

Franklin Bishop talks about 8 blog headlines guaranteed to get your reader’s attention.

Caroline Middlebrook discusses a pay-as-you-go business model.

Learn how to comment your way to success from Danny Cooper.

Ben Pei lists his 16 must have Twitter tools.

Watch a tutorial by Christopher Ross and learn how to make awesome 3D icons.

Check out Yan Susanto’s massive list of 101 blogging tips.

Dennis Edell is running a neat contest with a $100 prize.

Josh Spaulding proves that duplicate content can rank in the SEs.

Personal Development For Smart People

by Mike on October 15, 2008
in Recommended Reading

In this post I’m going to tell you about a new book called Personal Development for Smart People by Steve Pavlina.  I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of Steve’s new book with the promise that I would write a short review on this blog.

I’m a big fan of Steve’s blog so this really was a no brainer for me.  Worst case I figured I’d get a free book out of the deal right?

Well I got a lot more out of Personal Development for Smart People than that.   Steve really has written the ultimate book for personal development in which he reveals “the seven universal truths behind all successful growth efforts…as well as practical, insightful methods for improving your health, relationships, career, finances, and more.”

Steve’s 7 universal truths can be used to improve all aspects of your life but as an internet marketer I found the chapter on Authority particularly enlightening.

Steve talks a lot about persistence in the face of failure and it really struck a chord with me.  I failed quite a few times before I finally started making money online.  It would have been easy for me to give up.  But instead I learned to accept that success will take time and I pledged to learn from my mistakes instead of repeating them.

Little by little my knowledge grew and I actually started to achieve my goals!  Now I aim to share some of the so-called “secrets” to making money online that so few people take the time to learn.

Time and time again I see people chase after one get rich quick scheme after another.  They’re always looking for an easy way out instead of taking a little time to examine why they failed and correct their mistakes.

If you truly want to improve your life and build a successful online business you can’t be afraid to fail.  From failure you learn…from success, not so much.

There are a lot of nuggets of information in Personal Development for Smart People, but I think my favorite line is:

“An expert is a person who’s failed enough to succeed.”

Think about that for a minute and you’ll realize how simple, yet brilliant Steve’s universal truths are.  I strongly recommend you pick up a copy of his book at Amazon today before you forget. You won’t regret it.