Some People Just Don’t Get It

by Mike on June 10, 2009
in Random

A buddy of mine forwarded me the image below this morning and it gave me a little chuckle.   Some people just don’t get it…

Sorry I don’t know where the file originated so I can’t credit the source.

Real Work Excuses You Can Use To Stay Home From Work

by Mike on January 29, 2009
in Random

I was researching keywords for an article I’m working on and I realized there are a ton of people searching for good excuses to skip work.  Just look at them all!

273 real work excuses
106 excuses to skip work
60 excuses to miss work
47 excuses for not going to work
24 real excuses to miss work
21 excuses work absence
16 excuses for work absence
16 good excuses for missing work
15 serious excuses to miss work
12 good excuses to miss work

Now I’m guessing most people are looking for real work excuses so they can stay home and sit on the couch watching The Price is Right or General Hospital…but I’ll assume you want to stay home so you can concentrate on building your blog or creating an info product to sell.  ;)

Anyway I called my buddy Joe who works as an office manager/HR guy for a small business and asked what were the craziest real work excuses he had ever heard?  Here’s a few of his favorites…

  • “I need off so I can try out for American Idol.”
  • “I have no heat in my apartment.”  (Wouldn’t you WANT to come to work where its warm?)
  • “I have a lot going on and need to reflect on things and find myself.”
  • “I hurt my wrist playing Guitar Hero.”
  • “I’m getting a boob job.”
  • “Man, I TOLD my wife the chicken looked undercooked!”
  • “I’m in a 3-day Madden tournament.”
  • “It looks like it might snow.”
  • “Dude, its March Madness time!”
  • “I need a month off while I serve a 30 day sentence.”  (This guy actually called from prison!)
  • I want to hear from you…leave a comment below with the craziest excuse you ever gave your boss so you could skip work…