Blogs I Like

by Mike on September 21, 2008
in Networking

After reading Josh Spaulding’s recent article about maximizing PageRank/Authority through smart internal linking, I realized that a traditional Blogroll just doesn’t make much sense from an optimization point of view.

Of course I’d still like to have a place to recognize my fellow bloggers who pump out quality content.  Below is a list of blogs I read regularly…many thanks to my friends and mentors who write them.

Caroline Middlebrook



Yaro Starak

Josh Spaulding

Steve Pavlina

Dosh Dosh

Michel Fortin

Franklin Bishop

Jonathan Leger


How to Find Me Online

by Mike on September 20, 2008
in Networking

I’ve been a little slow to jump onto the social media bandwagon. I’ve always been more interested in building mini-sites to promote affiliate programs. Now that I’m blogging more I wish I had taken better advantage of social sites earlier.

That said, I’ve created this page so you can find me online through various social sites.  Just click each link below and it will take you to my page.  Feel free to add me as a friend and I’ll be sure to return the favor!







That’s all I use for now but if I decide to use other sites I’ll add links to those as well.  Of course you can also reach me using my contact form.