Case Study – A Review Style Site In Action

by Mike on October 2, 2008
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In this post you’re going to learn about two very powerful products.  Individually they each have the ability to make you a lot of money.  But when used together they can move mountains and form an unstoppable combination that almost guarantees profits.

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This is also the first in what will be a series of posts tracking my progress as I use these two tools to start a new site from scratch.  Think of it as a case study where I’ll periodically discuss my progress as I go.

You’re going to want to read this post carefully because it can make you a lot of money if you follow along with me.

Step 1 – Understanding The Conduit Method

The Conduit Method is a short report written by Chris Rempel (The Lazy Super-Affiliate).  I obviously can’t go into too much detail about it without giving away all of Chris’s secrets…but I’ll give you a little overview so you can see what I mean…

The Conduit Method is all about finding a hot market with lots of products to promote, and stepping in when someone is just on the verge of buying.  And as Chris demonstrates…one of the best ways to do this is with a review site.

Think about it.  You’re looking to buy a new digital camera.  Maybe you’ve narrowed your choices down to a few different models.  Before you make your decision you’re likely to search around for some comparisons and comments from people who already own each model.  You’re in the last stage of research before you make your purchase…and that’s the perfect time for an affiliate to step in and claim a commission for themselves!

NOTE – this is a just a short summary of Chris’s report.  There’s a lot of details I’m leaving out so I strongly recommend you grab a copy of his report here.

Step Two – Applying the Conduit Method With A Review-Style Site

I was blown away by Chris’s report.  It was so simple…yet so powerful.  I immediately started to brainstorm of a way I could test it out.  I wanted to make a review-style site that was easy to update and could have affiliate links for lots of different products.  I saw a few html templates that would work but it would be too manual that way.  What I really wanted was a way to use Wordpress to create my review sites.  But I couldn’t figure out how to make it work right.

Then I got lucky and saw a thread on the Warrior Forum that mentioned Dan Grossman’s WP Review Site Plugin.  It wasn’t free but it was exactly what I needed.  I quickly bought it and started testing it out.  So far I’m very impressed…

It lets me add new product reviews quickly and easily.  It lets visitors leave their own comments and rate the products on a 5 star scale.  Then it ranks the products based on the actual customer ratings.  That’s a great feature because visitors will know which products rate best as soon as they hit my home page.

Starting the Review Site Project

For this project I wanted to pick a niche with lots of different products to promote. I chose web hosting.  I know…its an incredibly competitive niche so getting traffic could take some time.  But the potential rewards make it worth the effort.  There are tons of web hosting affiliate programs and many of them pay between $80 to $120 per referral.

Plus, I had already been planning a site on web hosting for some time.  I have some PLR content I bought to use for articles and I’m already affiliate of around 20 hosting sites so I could get started right away.  Plus I already had a couple of reviews written in advance.

So lets look at the pros and cons of my niche topic:


Very competitive
Organic traffic will be tough
PPC traffic will be expensive


High paying affiliate programs
Lots of different products to promote
Already have some of the writing work done for me
Popular topic with lots of traffic potential with time

The Site

Ok, so here’s a link to the review-style site I created: Best Web Host Ratings

It took me only 2 hours to register the domain, setup Wordpress, install the WP Review plugin, tweak the settings a bit, and write 20 something short reviews.  If you notice, the reviews are really just a list of basic features…nothing too time consuming.

The real power is going to be in the customer reviews…that’s the content that’s going to keep the site growing and keep visitors clicking through to the hosting provider’s sites.  Keep in mind that I’m an affiliate of almost every host listed, so I really don’t care which host gets the sales.  I get a commission no matter what.

Now I’m in an awkward spot because there’s not a lot of reviews yet and so there’s not much selling power either.  So if you want to help out please go ahead and leave a short review of your experiences with various web hosts.  All links are DoFollow so if nothing else you’ll get a free link back to your site.  :)

As traffic and the number of reviews grow I’ll be interested to see what kind of sales the site generates.  I really only need 1 sale to break even and everything after that is profit!

Here’s how I plan to market my webhosting review site…

Article marketing through EzineArticles and other directories
Posting in forums
Yahoo Answers
If sales warrant, perhaps a PPC campaign

As you can see this isn’t exactly a full on marketing blitz.  I’m mostly focused on writing articles and posting responses to people who are searching for a host.  It’s all about finding the right angle to attack the niche.

Am I missing anything?  If you have any ideas for promoting the site please leave a comment…I’d love to hear them.  But keep in mind I want to go free or low-cost with this site.  I want to demonstrate that it can be done on a shoestring budget.

That’s all for now…I’ll check in once a month or so to keep you updated on how the site is doing.

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14 Responses to “Case Study – A Review Style Site In Action”
  1. Yan (12 comments.) says:

    I have heard all the positive feedback on WP Review but I’m not prepared to pay $97 for it yet but I don’t discount the possibility of it in the near future.

    I think it’s one of the best in the niche.


    Blog for Beginnerss last blog post..The Best 15 SEO Tools At Your Disposal

  2. Clog Money (2 comments.) says:

    I’ve always worried about review sites as a way of making money. Mainly because they require a lot of effort to get the ball rolling. I know the owners of, they were getting around 60,000 unique hits a month, but participation still wasn’t what they needed to make any serious money.

    I look forward to reading how well you fair with this style of site.

    Clog Moneys last blog post..Launching my ebook, and I need your help!

  3. Mike Collins says:

    I know it seems like a lot of money to some of you, but if you’re serious about your online business you have to reinvest some of your profits into tools and resources that make you more productive and let you take bigger and bigger steps to your goal. For what you get I think Dan’s plugin is a bargain.

  4. Yan (12 comments.) says:

    You have a valid point, Mike. At the very least, when the opportunity arises, I’d know which one to use..


    Yans last blog post..The Best 15 SEO Tools At Your Disposal

  5. Simon from Otooo (5 comments.) says:

    Well I personally think it is worth it – I mean, generate 2 sales and you break even maybe – anymore and you profit
    You only get out what you put in

    Nice looking site by the way

  6. Danny Cooper (7 comments.) says:

    I have been thinking of trying this technique for quite a long time, I have a domain and articles ready, just haven’t got round to finding affiliates and stuff.

    Danny Coopers last blog post..PageRank 3 Within One Month!

  7. Dennis Edell (46 comments.) says:

    Slick and sleek, I like it.

    What do you do to get your affiliate link with no extension?

    You have instead of the normal or even the “recommends” folder.

    Dennis Edells last blog post..My First Contest! Time To Put Your Thinking Caps On…

  8. Jason Fulton (19 comments.) says:

    This sounds like a surefire way of making money. Grab the prospect just before they are about to buy. It seems only profits are to be made.

  9. Mike Collins says:

    @Dennis, I use an htaccess redirect for affiliate links. It’s pretty simple…I’ll do a post explaining how to do it.

  10. Dennis Edell (46 comments.) says:

    Sweet! Lookin’ forward to it :)

    Dennis Edells last blog post..My First Contest! Time To Put Your Thinking Caps On…

  11. Elijah (2 comments.) says:


    Sounds like you’ve got a plan man! I just grabbed Chris’ report from your link.

    Hey man, you write an article or two a day, powered by some good ol fashioned keyword research, some forum posting – and I can definitely see the ball rolling in less than a month regarding commissions.

    It’s funny to see 3 or 4 people commenting here that are regulars on my blog as well! You guys are relentless bloggers! I see Yan everywhere!

    Elijahs last blog post..51 Free Online Webmaster Tools

  12. Dan Gregory (1 comments.) says:

    Hey man, just added a customer review at your site for Bluehost – appreciate the backlink.

    Actually I have a website that provides my case studies of how I’m making money using the Conduit Method for several sites if anybody is interested – this method really does work and it’s not hard to build traffic if you’re targeting product names.


  13. perdere peso (2 comments.) says:

    Hello, awesome post.

    I love case studies and i have also gone ahead and posted a review of my webhost for you.

    Hope you have a lot of success (and am sure you will cos you’re are targeting product names, the small traffic still amounts to high conversions).


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