Are Your Comments Getting Deleted?

by Mike on March 14, 2009
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I’ve gotten a couple of emails this past week from readers who are wondering why their comments were getting deleted.  Since many of you comment here and on other blogs as part of your kink-building campaign I figured it would be helpful to explain why your comments aren’t being approved.   This doesn’t just go for my blog either…it goes for all blogs you leave comments on.

1.  I’m pretty flexible when it comes to comments and I approve almost all of them as long as I feel they contribute to the conversation.  Posts that say nothing more than “I agree” or “Nice post” are likely to be deleted.

2.  I’m not a fan of keywords in place of an actual name, but I usually allow it as long as the comment is worth including.  However, if your keywords are inappropriate or adult-themed you can expect them to be deleted.

3.  I get tons and tons of spam caught up in my spam filter and I don’t have time to go through it checking for false positives.  If you write a decent comment, don’t include a bunch of links in the comment, and don’t use spammy keywords in place of your name…then its likely you’re getting nailed by a spam filter.

I hope this helps explain why you’re not seeing your comments approved.  Unfortunately if its due to an over-aggresive spam filter there’s not much I can do about that.


15 Responses to “Are Your Comments Getting Deleted?”
  1. Listen To Hip Hop Music (4 comments.) says:

    Mike, I think you´re doing a fair job to say the very least. You gave an accurate description here as to what you’re looking for, and those of us, like myself, do appreciate you allowing us to use keywords as our names.

    I don’t understand the purpose of commenting if you don’t actually read the post and want to contribute. I’ve never understood the “nice post” and the “I agree” comments, nor the “nice site”, etc. Those comments just scream that you have misguided intentions and are not genuine readers.

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  2. Selene (1 comments.) says:

    I think sincere comments with regards to the blog post is welcomed by anyone. Sometimes it is wonderful to have people thanking you for the well written article. That will make my day. :)

  3. Webkinz (15 comments.) says:

    I think you’re right that you have some rules about that.
    When you have top commentor plugin you always should filter your comments somehow because most likely there will be a lot of shit comments.

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  4. umetne trave (1 comments.) says:

    I completely agree with you. Since I own my own blog I’ve experienced a lot of spa comments that are either unrelated to the post, auto generated or simply spam and therefore sometimes it is hard to approve them all. Specially when I get 80% of spammy comments and only 20% of quality ones that are acceptable to approve.

  5. Online Marketing (2 comments.) says:

    You are right i am here to build back links but i also like to add to the conversation. That is why i build back links this way. On my blog i try and go through all the spam to see if any comments got missed. I just scan through it for posts without links in them that are not huge stories.

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  6. [email protected] (2 comments.) says:

    I have had to delete a few for various reasons. I was letting it go threw on it’s own but now moderate everything.

    [email protected] last blog post..10 Reasons Why You Should Leave Blog Comments

  7. Online Deals Blog (5 comments.) says:

    Hey Mike,

    I think it’s a really good idea to filter your comments. I have a health/fitness blog and I get no less than 10 spam comments a day, thank god for akismet.

    I found that when I was letting every comment through it actually attracted more spam comments and the number of really good comments I was getting dropped big time.

    That and not responding to comments can and will kill a blog.


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  8. Firany (3 comments.) says:

    Well it’s abvious that spam filters are not 100% accurate and happen to filter out genuine comments. However I gotta say that I’ve seen some blogs without the spam filter on and the comment sections there were completely cluttered with bot-generated posts.

  9. Consumer Electronics (1 comments.) says:

    I think using Akismet is a good idea because it’s blocked a lot of spam on my blogs, but sometimes it does stop good comments. That’s why I check my spam queue often.

    I can understand your reasoning though with a popular blog.

  10. John (1 comments.) says:

    I agree with your strategy. I’m pretty much lenient with comments on my site but I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting a freaking long spam comment from one source so i had to install Askimet plugin to ban that Ip address.

  11. Jay Tyler (1 comments.) says:

    I could imagine how spammy it must get. Especially with all the long tail keywords. Definitely makes it lowers the professionalism of a site when all your comments are by “How to build a wind mill” and “make more money from home online now”

  12. Job Interview Questions (4 comments.) says:

    I think having installed the top commentators plugin, you will be guaranteed to get alot of useless one liner comments, I know that firsthand from experience, at least you actually HAVE a moderation queue, when I started, I thought I’d be nice and have auto-approve on, BIG mistake.

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  13. michelle (1 comments.) says:

    As per your information about deleting the comments its totally depend upon webmaster of that particular information and if anybody is love to read the blogs and make the comments on that then webmaster should maintain the particular comments. comments helps to get exact information about the specific topic.

  14. Janet | Web Design (1 comments.) says:

    I have found this to be so true and in the past and even occasionally now my comments are moderated or simply gone, I find it disheartening as I have taken the time to read whats going on to learn some thing more and add my 50cents worth only to have it moderated, look I do understand that its entirely up to the owner of the blog, what comments he wants there.

  15. sheila (1 comments.) says:

    Yes, I agree too that blog comments CAN be used for backlinks also, but the main purpose is to actually contribute to the blog and interact w/ others. I can TOTALLY understand why blog owners don’t want to just be used for thousands of people that never give anything back…you gotta contribute if you want to get that nice little backlink juice…dont just take only.

    Give and take…has its place on blogs too:)

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