Answers Domination for Just $7.77 (Limited Time)

by Mike on July 19, 2009
in Discounts and Coupons

Hey whats up!

In my last post I told you about my new report…a step by step guide to generating traffic using Yahoo Answers. Today I’m going to tell you how to get it for a fraction of the price everyone else has to pay for it.

If you go to my sales page at you’ll see it for sale for $17.

But don’t buy it there!

Instead go to my WSO (Warrior Special Offer) at the warrior forum and grab it for just $7.77!!

But do it quickly because the WSO price won’t last for long.

Click here now to get Answers Domination at a special price.


9 Responses to “Answers Domination for Just $7.77 (Limited Time)”
  1. Refinance (3 comments.) says:

    WSO is new for me. But at just @ $7.77 its looks free. Wanna try it.

  2. credit card charges (3 comments.) says:

    WSO is new for me. I had not try it or hear about it. Wanna try it soon, Its seems very good offer for just $7.77.

  3. La Digue (8 comments.) says:

    At this price it seems to be a bargain and can be well worth the try. I will give you my feedback after the trial…

  4. Free Memo (3 comments.) says:

    Good price for this yahoo guide… I usually use Yahoo Answers for back links but it’s hard work(to hard). I also use it to get ideas for a post on my other blogs.

  5. Refinance (3 comments.) says:

    @La Digue– Yes we all wanna know its feedback. We hope you will tell about this very soon.

  6. bookmark (1 comments.) says:

    As far as I know, links on Yahoo answer is nofollow. So, they have no SEO value (in Google view). However, with Yahoo answer, you’ll get very quality traffic which is good for your site.

  7. vikram (1 comments.) says:

    good price for the guide

  8. Billy (2 comments.) says:

    Yahoo Answers is definitely a nofollow link. However, I actually a yahoo answer containing my link show up as a backlink in Google once before. I’m still not completely convinced that Google completely discounts all nofollow links.

  9. Bidet (4 comments.) says:

    Thanks for the offer, Yahoo answers is a great way to get more traffic even if it is no follow.

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