Balancing Work and Family

by Mike on August 13, 2009
in Personal

If you haven’t noticed, my posts on this blog have been much less frequent lately.   Part of that is because this blog isn’t a real money-maker for me…I have other niche sites that bring in steady cash so when push comes to shove they always come first.

But part of it is because I’ve been devoting more time to my family.  Balancing work and family is always a challenge.  If you’re not careful the scales start tipping too much in one direction or the other. 

For me, I noticed I was spending too much time working and my family life was starting to suffer.   My kids missed play-time with daddy while I was too busy on the computer.

It’s an easy trap to fall into.  What internet marketer hasn’t pushed his family away so he can work on his “big project”.  And its all too easy to justify that attitude with the notion that “I’m doing it all for them.”

If you find yourself saying that you need to take a closer look at yourself.  Because while you’re working away to make more money to buy your family “things” …they’re missing you. 

Last night I planned to get some work done after dinner, but I ended up saying “screw work” and cuddling on the couch with my girls watching Enchanted.   And they were happy as hell just sitting next to me and talking about what was happening in the movie. 

It reminded me of a valuable lesson…Its not how many things you can afford to give them.  Its how much of YOU you give them.