The Importance of Link Authority

by Mike on May 26, 2009
in Link Building

In a recent post Christopher Ross wrote…

When a person creates a link from one website to another, it’s voting for the second site and telling Google that site A believes site B to be of equal or greater value to the web.

I think that’s an excellent way of explaining how the search engines view links and its absolutely vital that you understand this concept if you want to build a successful site. 

For example, say there are 2 blogs on the same topic.  We’ll call them ABC and XYZ. Both have top-notch content and everything about them is equal…except XYZ gets lots of link love from all over the web.  XYZ has tons of links pointed toward it while ABC has comparatively few.

All things being equal XYZ should easily outrank ABC. 

But why??  ABC has killer content…maybe even better content than XYZ.  What’s missing?

Link authority. 

The search engines look at all of the links pointing to XYZ from various sources and say, “XYZ must be really valuable for all of these other sites to be linking to it.”

Since XYZ is now considered an authority site, it receives an extra push in the rankings.  Whenever a page from XYZ is compared to a competitor’s page, XYZ receives the benefit of the doubt.  The SEs basically say  ”These pages are pretty close in terms of content, but since XYZ has more link authority its probably better.” 

And so XYZ wins the top ranking slot. 

Thus the importance of a well thought out link building campaign.  From the minute you launch your first site or post your first blog entry you should be considering ways to build your link authority. 

Your entire business depends on it.

What’s In Your RSS Reader?

by Mike on May 17, 2009
in Blogging

Ok, today’s post is all about sharing. I keep track of more blogs than I can count but I’m going to list some of my favorites here so you too can check them out and see why they’re my “must reads”…

In the comments section feel free to share your own favorite blogs (even your own) so we can all share and discover new blogs.

So what’s in your RSS Reader??

7 Tips for Increasing Conversions

by Mike on May 11, 2009
in Internet Marketing

Today’s article is written by guest author Joel Ohman of  Joel offers some serious tips for increaing your website’s conversion rates…

Unless you have a website that you operate purely for your own enjoyment without any type of interactive or profit incentive then chances are you are like me in that you are constantly looking for ways to make your website convert better.

Many people associate the term website conversion with a sale and often that is exactly what it is but a conversion can really be anything at all. For all intents and purposes a website conversion is when the website visitor does what you want them to do. This could be buying a product, subscribing to your RSS feed, joining your newsletter, clicking on an advertisement, downloading an eBook, or any other number of things.

As the owner of a domain name tools website and close to 1,000 other domain names I am constantly tinkering with little things to try and help my websites convert better. Here is a list of 7 tips for increasing conversions:

1. MDA – The MDA or Most Desirable Action is something that you should always focus on for each of your websites. Your graphics, page headers, page copy, and everything else on the page should be focused on persuading people to do this most desirable action. A common mistake for many webmasters and internet marketers is to offer too many unrelated offers on the same page and effectively confuse or even annoy visitors to the site.

2. Tracking – Even before you start to get a lot of traffic to your site you should install and use tracking software. Free website analytics software like Google Analytics or Stat Counter is more than enough for most new sites. Advanced software packages like Hit Tail, Click Tale, Crazy Egg, and others can add some additional value once your site really begins to take off. Pay close attention to metrics like bounce rate and visitor paths to determine why visitors are leaving your site. Are visitors arriving at your site from a search engine and not finding adequate information for the keyword phrase that they typed in? Can you add more detail to some of your page copy to encourage visitors to stay longer on your site and give you a better chance to funnel them towards your MDA?

3. Domain Name – Your domain name is a strong signal to website visitors and can either help or hurt your credibility. If you design and sell website templates online then which domain name would visitors think is more trustworthy: or Obviously, is the better choice. Choosing a strong keyword domain name can position your website as the authority site for that niche.

4. Design – Do you have a site that looks like it was designed in 1989? A clean and professional design can go a long way to make your website visitors feel safe inputting their email address and other personal information on your site.

5. “Realness” – Adding an about us page, a contact us page, a privacy policy page, terms of service page, having a physical address and phone number listed on the site, and other indicators of company legitimacy and “realness” will do wonders for increasing conversions.

6. Testimonials – Adding testimonials to your site either on a dedicated page or on a sidebar can reinforce positive beliefs about your site/company/service/product and can also work as a force for positive peer pressure. This is especially true if you can manage to get some testimonials from high profile people in your niche.

7. Testing – One thing is for certain when it comes to increasing website conversions: constantly testing conversion is critical. No two websites are exactly alike. Different things work for different websites and different niches. Maintain an open mind and constantly test what does and does not work for you.

Hopefully you enjoyed these 7 tips for increasing conversions. What additional tips would you recommend?

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2,790 Ways to Increase Traffic Using Audio with Your Blog Posts

by Mike on May 1, 2009
in Blogging

I recently asked my readers to supply a few guest posts that I could publish in those times where I am short on time and can’t get a post together for a bit.  Today’s post was written by Mikael Rieck of Retire Rich the entire post because its a great idea and one that I must admit I’ve never taken advantage of myself.

This is a little known but HIGHLY effective way to increase the number of visitors to your site and the best part is that very few people are using it and that can be a great benefit to you. But let me explain what you will need to do because it is actually quite simple.

If you’re not already posting audio to your blog you will need to have your posts converted into audio. You can naturally do this manually but a much faster way is to use the free service called Odiogo. When installed on your site the software will convert your text into audio and I have to admit that I am quite impressed with the quality when you remember that this is done using software (and its free).

Next you will want to distribute this newly created podcast to as many places as possible. There are a whole bunch of podcast hosting services available (some are free and some are paid) but I came across at least 30 of them by simple doing at Google search for “podcast hosts” and I didn’t spend that much time clicking through all the results so I would imagine that there are even more than that.

You can choose to submit your podcast to as many hosts as you like (and your wallet permits) but you must remember to record the direct link to your podcast and when submitting the audio be sure to use as many relevant keywords phrases as you can come up with.

Next you will want to hunt for podcast directories. If you Google “podcast directories” in Google you’ll have your hands full for quite some time. Personally I have a list of about 90-100 directories I use but they’re not picked because they are the best but merely because they were the first 100 I found.

Now the great part is that you can now take every single podcast that you have uploaded to each of the different podcast hosting services and submit them to every single one of the directories that you have found. The reason I call this post 2,790 ways to increase traffic is that before me I have a list of 30 podcast hosting services as well as a list of 93 podcast directories. 30×93 = 2,790.

This will obviously take a significant amount of time to do but the great part is that most of the hosts will change you a small monthly fee no matter what amount of podcasts you’ll host with them. Secondly this is also a task that can be easily outsourced to virtual assistants for a low fee.

Imagine that you produce valuable content that will entice people to come visit your site (which you will naturally have mentioned the URL of in the blog posts that are converted into audio) and that this can be done with every single post that you write.

The great part is that today we see that ordinary article and site directories carry less and less value in terms of link strength but audio is part of the new Web 2.0 revolution and it carries a lot more value in the eyes of search engines as very few people are “taking advantage” of it.

Mikael Rieck is the owner and publisher of the RetireRichRoadmap series. In the last 10 years he has been working online building a small virtual empire and he is now commited to helping people start their first money making websites. Everyone will be able to retire rich and retire early if they want to and Mikael is going to help the ones that want that help. Check out his blog at Retire Rich Roadmap or sign up for his RSS feed.