12 Reasons To Jump Head First Into Affiliate Marketing

by Mike on September 4, 2008
in Affiliate Marketing


If you’re looking to jump into the world of online business and start making money on the internet, look no further than affiliate marketing. It’s how I got my feet wet and I recommend it to anyone who asks me how they can start their own business online.

Here are my top 12 reasons to become an affiliate marketer (drum roll please)…

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1.  It costs next to nothing to get started.  Technically you could start out without paying a dime, but I do recommend getting your own domain and hosting.  Still, you could literally start your business with less than a hundred bucks.  How many businesses can you say that about?

2.  Since you’re not shelling out a fortune just to get your business going there’s not much risk involved.  If you stick to low cost or no cost methods you really don’t have much to lose.

3.  There’s no inventory to store.  A friend of mine built a website to sell tea that he bought from a wholesaler.  He dropped about $1200 on tea and other supplies and the business went nowhere.  He had boxes of tea in his garage for a year and ended up giving them away at a terrible discount.   Affiliates never have to worry about storing goods or being out of stock of an item.

4.  There’s no order processing involved.  The merchant handles all orders.

5.  No shipping expenses or trips to the post office that you’d deal with if you started an eBay business.

6.  There’s no customer service headaches or refund requests.

7.  You don’t have to pay merchant fees and you don’t have to worry about paying for chargebacks.

8.  You don’t need any sales experience.  You can remain completely anonymous if you choose to.

9.  There are a limitless number of products to promote.  Imagine just about any kind of product or service and you can bet there’s an affiliate program to go with it.

10.  You can sell to the whole world.  You’re not limited to a certain region or territory.  You can promote the latest gizmo to consumers in Manhattan, Paris, Singapore, Dubai, and everywhere in between.  It truly is a global market.

11.  Your websites, blogs, articles, and ads will be running 24 hours a day.  You can literally earn money while you sleep or lay on the beach vacationing.

12.  High income potential.  if you just want to make a couple hundred bucks a month for spending cash, thats cool.  But you can make a lot more than that.  The sky is the limit for affiliate marketers.

Free Report - Info Product Basics

by Mike on September 2, 2008
in IM Reports

I first got my feet wet in the internet marketing game by creating simple sites and monetizing them with a combination of Google AdSense and affiliate links.  But I’ve always planned to move more into the Product Creation business model.  I like the idea of owning my own products and having affiliates promoting it for me.

My first move was to create some PLR packages and sell them to bloggers and webmasters hungry for content.  But now I’m thinking more of instructional reports designed to help people learn how to build their own online business and make money online.

If you’re struggling over the choice between affiliate marketing or product creation, I have a new report for you…

Info Product Basics is a free report that will teach you the benefits of creating your own information products so you can add a whole new revenue stream to your bottom line.

Download your free PDF report now at the link below…


All Work and No Play…

by Mike on September 1, 2008
in Personal

When you own your own business or work in an unconventional field like internet marketing, its easy to lose sight of how many hours you’re putting in.  Unfortunately we sometimes push our loved ones aside too.

How many times have you said, “Just give me 5 more minutes so I can finish this?”

An hour later you’re still asking for 5 more minutes…

You’ve gotta remember to spend time with the family too…they’re the reason you work so hard anyway right?

Well it doesn’t matter how many things you can afford to give them…it’s how much of YOU you give them that counts.

I’ve taken it easy this weekend and left work aside (except a little reading of blogs and reports I’ve been meaning to catch up on).

We also took the kids to The Land of Make Believe, an amusement park here in NJ that has all sorts of rides, a waterpark, and a petting zoo.

Here’s a pic of me and the girls on a bouncing frog ride…

We had a great time and I came back recharged and ready to jump back to work tomorrow.  I hope you remember to put time aside for your loved ones too.  And if you have kids remember…they won’t stay little forever so be sure you enjoy them while you can.

Namecheap Coupon Code September 2008

by Mike on September 1, 2008
in Discounts and Coupons

Well today’s Sepetmber 1st, so that means there’s a new Namecheap coupon code to receive a discount on new domain registrations.  Here’s the code for September 2008:


You should also bookmark this page of current Namecheap coupon codes because it’s always updated with the newset promotional code.

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